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How to fix slippery wooden decking – what’s on offer?

Wooden decking has been a staple for outdoor spaces for decades now. When properly looked after, hardwood decks are extremely strong and naturally resistant to rot, decay, moisture, and UV damage, making them a perfect solution for external decking. However, as the weather turns damp, wet and frosty, wooden decking is prone to becoming very slippery, leading to a higher risk of accidents and injuries. Whether it’s a domestic, commercial, or industrial environment, ensuring a non-slip solution to your decking is a top priority when the weather starts to turn.

There are a huge number of products which claim to provide slip-proof decking, but these often vary widely in pricing, maintenance, and ease of use, making it difficult to know which option is best for your specific requirements. When considering non-slip decking options, many people turn to either non-slip paint and treatments, anti-slip decking strips, anti-slip tape, or non-slip outdoor matting. 

We’ve taken four of these hard-working solutions for slip-resistant decking and compared the pros and cons of each of them, considering ease of application, drying time, and lifetime costs. All four options are appropriate for both residential properties and commercial workspaces alike. 

It’s worth noting that all these non-slip options will require some simple maintenance throughout the autumn and winter seasons. Regularly removing leaves and other wet debris from the decking will stop the build-up of contaminates, which left alone, can continue to exacerbate the issue. Just a quick brush with stiff bristles every few weeks should do the trick. 

slippery decking with moss

Non-slip Paint

Anti Slip Decking Paint

Non-slip paint for decking also includes other treatments like anti-slip decking stains and oils. These products usually include an added aggregate that creates the non-slip texture. There are various types of treatment options here, though many are aimed at low-traffic or domestic homes. If you are looking for an anti-slip decking paint for use in a commercial or industrial environment, you’ll need to ensure that it’s approved for that use by the manufacturer.

Non-slip paint or treatments will require some extra prep. You’ll need to ensure the decking is clean and free from loose dirt and debris. Any previous paints or treatments will need to be sanded down to ensure no flaking or bubbling is present. Many anti-slip paints will also require an additional primer or sealant. It is important to ensure the product is applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure optimum durability. 

It is also worth noting that absorbent wood, rough sawn wood, and grooved decking will require more product to cover so you’ll need to take that into consideration when calculating coverage.  

Application: Roller application, dry weather dependant. Apply along the grain of the wood.

Dry Time: 12-24 hours, usually 2-3 coats

Re-application required: 6-12months

Cost per m2: £10-20

Lifetime Cost (+15 years) per m2: £200-450

Other uses: Concrete, asphalt/tarmac, natural stone, and wood (check your specific product for suitability on other substrates, such as composite decking)


  • Great way to rejuvenate old or tired looking wood
  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Full coverage
  • Attractive finish 


  • Labour intensive in prep and recoating
  • Short-term solution, requires continuing maintenance
  • If not done to manufacturer’s specifications, paint can lead to water pooling in certain areas, trapping moisture in the wood and reducing its lifespan
  • Some paints can use harmful chemicals to waterways 

Non-slip Strips

01 anti slip decking strips slippery wooden decking installation

Anti-slip decking strips are relatively permanent additions to your decking. These decking grip strips are usually screwed or glued down using a specialist adhesive, directly into the wood of your deck or outdoor steps and applied at regular intervals. These are a quick and easy solution for improving safety on slippery timber decking and steps. 

The non-slip decking strips are made from an either fine or medium grit aggregate mixed with hardwearing GRP or fiberglass to ensure a long-lasting and resilient product. These anti slip strips can come either un-drilled or pre-drilled and are supplied with the required screws.

Application: Easy, some tools required. 

Dry Time: None (with screws) / ~2hours (with adhesive)

Re-application required: Lifetime (guaranteed for a min of 10 years)

Cost per m2: £50-60

Lifetime Cost (+15 years) per m2: £50-60

Other uses: Concrete, asphalt/tarmac, natural stone, and wood 


  • Can be fitted in minutes, and requires little (if any) surface preparation
  • A range of colour options, can be made to a specific colour
  • Range of widths and lengths available, can be cut to specific size
  • Can be applied specifically to slip hazardous areas
  • Corrosion and fungus resistant
  • Made using a highly durable resin made from recycled plastic 


  • Are designed as a permanent solution, if using adhesive, these can’t normally be easily removed 
  • Requires a higher initial investment

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Anti-slip Tape

Anti slip decking tape

Similar to the non-slip strips, however, anti-slip tape for decking offers a less permanent solution to a slippery surface. Anti-slip tape is a gritted adhesive tape that can easily be stuck down to problem areas. The adhesive on the tape will degrade over time and will need to be reapplied every 1-2 years depending on the level of traffic, but it’s an excellent solution for those looking for an easy, temporary, and affordable option. 

With non-slip grip tape, it is important to apply when the deck is completely dry and will need to be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and debris to ensure the best results. The abrasive grip tape is a good solution but won’t work well if applied to damp or damaged decking. 

It is also worth checking the manufacturer’s advice if applying to grooved decking. 

Application: Easy, no tools required. 

Dry Time: None

Re-application required: 1-2 years

Cost per m2: £10-15

Lifetime Cost (+15 years) per m2: £70-140

Other uses: Concrete, asphalt/tarmac, natural stone, and wood 


  • Low upfront cost
  • Once removed you don’t need to re-prime, though some re-edging may be required 
  • Easily cleaned with hot soapy water or pressure washer 


  • Removal can be fiddly and may require the use of harsh solvents such as MEK or toluene
  • Not as many colour options
  • Short term option, will require continued re-application
  • The adhesive element can attract dirt
  • If left in situ too long, tape can lift, causing an additional trip hazard.

Anti-slip Matting

Anti Slip Deck Matting

For a super quick and easy solution for slippery decking, many people go for anti-slip rubber matting. The ultimate in easy, there is no prep required, just put down rubber matting to protect your decking during the autumn and winter months. 

The most common material for outdoor non-slip mats is a synthetic, commercial-grade rubber, or PVC. Both materials are suitable for outdoor use and when you’re done with them or they’re worn out, they are easy to remove making them a popular choice due to their durability and ease of use.

Another good short-term solution, however, it is important to change them out when your anti-slip mats start to chip, crack or curl as this can really increase the tripping risk.

Application: Easy, no tools required. 

Dry Time: None

Re-application required: 1-2 years

Cost per m2: £30-50

Lifetime Cost (+15 years) per m2: £240-320

Other uses: Any flat surface


  • Resilient materials
  • Easy to place & remove
  • Best for small problem areas


  • Price can start to soar for large area coverage
  • Not many colour options available
  • Need to be replaced often, making it a less sustainable option.
  • Can become a trip hazard


This article is meant to give an indication on some of the pros and cons of the anti-slip decking options available. We hope this is helpful in narrowing down your search, but with so many products out there, it’s important to do your own research on individual products. 

Where gritted paint, grip tape, or matting offer only a short-term solution to the problem and need to be repeated at regular intervals, anti-slip decking strips are a long-term solution which offer an easy, durable, and low-maintenance option for both residential and commercial decking. 

If you need help with choosing what’s right for you, please contact us directly to speak to an expert.