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Grating anti-slip test results

Measurement of surface slipperiness

HSL logoA laboratory slipperiness assessment was undertaken by the Health & Safety Laboratory (UK) in accordance with guidelines recommended by United Kingdom Slip Resistance Group (Issue 2,2000) and protocols outlined in BS 7976:2.

Measurements of the grating sample 'Slip Resistance Value' (SRV) were made using a calibrated Stanley Pendulum instrument. Measurements were taken in three directions to account for potential surface directionality.

Slip risk classification based on pendulum test value

Pendulum measurements were taken in 3 directions for accurate assessments:

Product tested Dry conditions Wet conditions Slip potential
Grating Gritted Surface 71/79/68 71-74-60 Extremely Low


Pendulum test value Slip potential
0 - 24 High
25 - 35 Moderate
36 - 64 Low
65+ Extremely Low

Surface microroughness - slip risk classifications

An indication of slipperiness in water-contaminated conditions where obtained by measuring the surface roughness of our flooring materials.

Measuring the Rz parameter allows slipperiness to be predicted. Rz is a measure of total surface roughness, calculated as the mean of several peak-to-valley measurements.

Applicable for water-wet, low activity pedestrian areas. Data could not be generated due to the level of roughness exceeding the range of this instrument. This suggests the measurement would be at least 100 and therefore a low slip risk.

Product tested Reading Slip potential
GRP Grating 100+ Low


RZ surface roughness (microns) Slip potential
Below 10 μm High
10 - 19 μm Moderate
20 μm or above Low

The test results presented relate only to the flooring samples under study at the time of testing.

The performance of installed materials may change significantly during their lifetime: slip resistance is critically dependent on the level and type of contamination, application of the surface treatment, wear, maintenance and effective cleaning subsequent to installation.


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